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Custom Polished Shimano XT M756 Flip/Flop Rear Hub

This was a special order for Freshtripe Bikes requiring a rear XT M756 hub to set up as a flip/flop hub - fixed one side and free the other. Perfect for an MTB or wider spaced road bike.

The standard Shimano silver anodizing was stripped and the hub polished to give a finish more like Shimano used to put on their high end components.

A solid axle was swapped for the standard QR to enable track nuts to be used. The CNC spacer kit allows the freehub side chainline to exactly match that on the fixed side.

We can supply a non-polished rear M756 hub with the same solid axle + track nuts conversion including M5 cog mounting bolts and your choice of spoke drilling & colour at £54.95 + shipping. Please email for further details or see the shop to order.


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