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VeloSolo samples

We have a collection of sample or soiled parts at reduced prices including saddle,.chainrings, spacer kits, handlebars etc. Please see this page for full details.

July 24th: VeloSolo 7075-T6 Disc Cogs back in stock

Back in stock today are 7075-T6 Disc Cogs in black, red and gold. These are now available in 3/32" widths too in 16t, 17t & 18t.

July 12th: VeloSolo Polished Track Tools

We have a very limited number of these now available.

June 6th: VeloSolo Singlespeed Spacer Kits

All combinations of spacers kits except for Rasta are now back in stock. New colour purple now available too.

March 20th: VeloSolo Chainrings, Disc Cogs, Track Tools

We have just received a large delivery of VeloSolo parts. Back in the shop today are virtually all VeloSolo chainrings previously out of stock and all sizes of Disc Cogs including 3/32" 16t and 1/8" 18t. Also new in are VeloSolo Track Tools in purple.

Dec 8th: Shimano DX-R cogs back in stock

Back in stock today are all sizes (14t, 16t and 18t) of Shimano DX-R splined cogs for singlespeed conversions.

Nov 9th: VeloSolo Chainrings and Track Cogs back in stock

Back in stock today are most VeloSolo chainrings and Track Cogs. Please see the shop pages for availability. Unfortunately supply has been very erratic this year and some are only available in very limited numbers so please order quickly.

October 13th: New Gebhardt and Stronglight Chainrings now in stock

New in are a larger range of Gebhardt 104mm BCD chainrings in sizes from 32t all the way to 50t. We also have a new line of Stronglight 110mm BCD chainrings in sizes 36t to 42t. Please click here to view all our chainrings.

September 12th: VeloSolo delivery - chainrings/spacers/track tools

Just received are are virtually all options in VeloSolo chainrings, singlespeed spacer kits and Track Tools.

May 25th: VeloSolo Chainrings back in stock

Back in stock are most VeloSolo chainrings, still waiting for the remaining ones but please see the shop pages for availability. Some are in very low numbers so please order quickly.

May 11th: VeloSolo Spacer Kits and Track Cogs

At long last we have all options now back in stock in VeloSolo Singlespeed Spacer Kits and gold Track Cogs. Chainrings should be here in a week or so.

April 7th: VeloSolo parts

We have just had a large VeloSolo Disc Cog delivery and back in stock are virtually all sizes. We apologise for the large number of VeloSolo chainrings and spacer kits currently unavailable, we are trying to get these to us as quickly as possible.

March 1st: Token delivery

Back in stock are all Token bottom brackets and virtually all options in Shimano fitting lockrings, steel and 7075 cogs and 144mm BCD track chainrings.

October 15th: VeloSolo parts

We have just had a large VeloSolo parts delivery and back in stock are all SS spacer kits, chainrings, riser bars, headset spacers and Disc Cogs. New in stock are Velo leather saddles in tan brown.

October 1st: stock update

Back in stock are Onza pedals in all options, Restrap lock holsters and horizontal straps, Kalloy swan neck stems, Shimano DXR cogs. We apologise for the limited choice of VeloSolo spacer kits, we hope to have new stock very soon.

June 3rd: VeloSolo delivery

Just received back into stock are all options in VeloSolo Road Chainrings and 7075-T6 bolt on Disc Cogs.

April 15th: many parts back in stock

Just arrived are many Token items including lockrings, grips, pedals and cogs. Also in are most colours of Oury grips as well as Zenith Crescent bars.

April 10th: various parts back in stock

From today back in stock are Zenith threadless BB's, R369 brakes, Tange headsets and all Andel singlespeed cog options.

March 27th: VeloSolo delivery

Just received and now available again are all options in VeloSolo Track tools, singlespeed spacer kits and virtually all chainrings and bolt on Disc Cogs.

October 22nd: All Disc Cogs back in stock

Just received and now available again are all options in bolt on Disc Cogs, to order please see the shop.

September 24th: Token delivery

Back in stock today are all options in Token grips, pedals, BBs and track cogs.

September 9th: KMC Half-Links back at last!

After more than four years we have a small batch of half-links available again. For more details and to order please see the shop.

August 22nd: VeloSolo spacer kits, chainrings and cogs

We have just had a large delivery of spacer kits, chainrings and track cogs and nearly all options are now back in stock again.

June 28th: VS Chainrings

A large delivery just arrived with most options back in stock

April 4th: Many items back in stock today and new drop bars/pedals

We now have all the following back in stock: Kalloy KL stems in all sizes/options, Kalloy Swan Neck stems, Kalin stems, Zenith Gran Compe long quill stems, Zenith Bullhorn bars, Tange BB's in all sizes, Tektro R369 brakes, VP 365 pedals and 25.4mm to 31.8mm handlebar shims. Also brand new in are two new Zenith drop bars and new pedals.

April 2nd: VS Disc Cogs

Just arrived back in stock are all options in VeloSolo bolt on Disc Cogs

March 21st: VeloSolo Riser Bars new width

Arrived today are the new wider 50cm VeloSolo Riser bars and re-stocks of the regular 40cm option. Also back in are 3/32" 17t disc Cogs.

February 20th: VeloSolo chainring delivery including new sizes, singlespeed spacer kits

Just arrived is a huge VeloSolo chainring delivery. We have all options back into stock including the new 38t and 42t in 104mm BCD and 42t in 130/135/144mm BCD, please click on thumbnails below for full details. Also back are in are all colours of VS singlespeed spacer kits.

December 6th: Token delivery

Just arrived back in stock are all options in Token Road and Track pedals, and all Token chainrings, track sprockets, lockrings and bottom brackets.

December 2nd: VeloSolo singlespeed and headset spacers

In stock again this week we have all colours of VeloSolo singlespeed spacer kits (except Titanium Blue) including new silver anodized and more 'random mix' sets available at just £10.95. Also in this week are VeloSolo headset spacers in the new 1 1/8" size and all colours back in stock in 1".

October 29th: Large stock update

Back in stock today we have combined chainwhip/lockring tools and a new basic lockring tool to replace the discontinued BBB model. Also back in are all options in Andel SS cogs and Gebhardt black chainrings, Tektro R359 brakes and Dia Compe Goldfinger levers and all Zenith threadless BB's.

October 22nd: VeloSolo chainrings and headset spacers

Coming soon we will have some new sizes in VeloSolo chainrings including 38t and 42t in 104mm BCD and a new smaller 42t in 130mm, 135mm and 144mm BCD. Headset spacers will also be available in 1 1/8" as well as the current 1" soon.

September 27th: VeloSolo chainrings stock update

We have just had a large VeloSolo chainring delivery, virtually all options now back in stock.

August 29th: VeloSolo chainrings and cogs stock update

Back in stock today we have most options in VeloSolo road chainrings, all steel Disc Cogs and all Large Logo Track cogs.

July 30th: Token stock update

Back in stock today we have all colour options in Token grips and cassette lockrings, Token road pedals, bottom brackets, rear cogs and all sizes in chainrings.

July 12th: stock update

Back in stock today we have all Tange bottom brackets, VP 365 pedals, Dicta YC 402 freewheel tools, Passage chrome headsets and a final batch of Royce chainrings.

July 2nd: June Prize Draw winners!

The three lucky winners of a VeloSolo Track Tool in the June draw are as follows: Barry J. (Middlesex, UK), Dieter D. (Herent, Belgium) and Jim R. (Hampshire, UK).

We will be emailing you today with full details.

June 22nd: Stocktaking end of June

IMPORTANT: due to annual stocktaking the VeloSolo website will be offline and unavailable for around 36 hours from 12am Thursday 27th June until Friday evening. Please order well before Friday if possible to ensure early dispatch.

June 20th: VeloSolo chainring stock update

Back in stock today we have all options in VeloSolo MTB chainrings and nearly all options in Road/Track chainrings, please see the shop.

June 13th: stock update

Back in stock today we have all colous in Onza and Voodooo pedals, all KMC S1 chains. Lots of VeloSolo chainring options are currently out of stock but we hope to have most of these within a week or so.

Prize Draw - win VeloSolo Track Tools in May and June!

To celebrate the launch of three new colours for our best selling VeloSolo Track Tool we are giving away three tools in each month of May and June. How to enter? Simply place an order on the VeloSolo website with a value over £35.00 (shipping not included) and your name will be entered into the draw. Customers worldwide are eligible to enter. Three winners will be picked at random at the end of each month to each win a VeloSolo Track Tool of their colour choice. The winners names will be posted on the blog and contacted via email.

June 3rd: May Prize Draw winners!

The three lucky winners of a VeloSolo Track Tool in the May draw are as follows: Jonas L. (Goteborg, Sweden), Harvey B. (Cambridge, UK) and Joseph A. (Berkshire, UK).

We will be emailing you today with full details. Another chance to win one of three VeloSolo Track Tools will continue throughout June!

May 28th: Paypal payment problems

Over the past fortnight we have received a number of reported issues with payments unable to proceed due to Paypal's system refusing payments. This is a technical issue that Paypal are aware of and are working to fix. If this happens when placing an order please do contact us and we can send a Paypal invoice directly which should allow payment to proceed without a problem.

We can also send details for a bank transfer in the UK, this involves no costs to the sender and is usually cleared within 24 hours.

In the meantine we apologise for the inconvenience.

April 29th: New items, stock update

New into stock this week we have Deda RS 01 seatposts and two new colours in VeloSolo spacer kits; Titanium Blue/Grey and Magnesium Bronze. Also back into stock are Selle Italia Turbo leather saddles at a special offer price and Stronglight Track chainsets in both sizes.

April 24th: Nitto Dirt Drop stems, VS Disc Cogs

Back in stock today we have both sizes of Nitto Dirt Drop stems (80mm and 100mm) and all sizes of VeloSolo bolt on steel Disc cogs.

April 17th: New items

New into stock this week we have Lasco MTB singlespeed chainsets, VP tan leather toe straps and blue Tressostar handlebar tape.

March 27th: Lots of items back in stock!

Back in stock from today we have Dicta freewheel and combined chain-whip/lockring tools, Zenith handlebar shims in all sizes, all options in Andel singlespeed and Dicta track cogs, all Campag cotton caps, Tektro 721 brake levers, and YBN 1/2 links.

March 25th: Easter bank holiday deliveries

Easter Friday 29th March and Easter Monday 1st April are both bank holidays in the UK and as Royal Mail is closed there are no collections or deliveries on these days. VeloSolo will be open as normal however, any orders placed after 1.30 pm on Thursday 28th March will not be shipped until Tuesday 2nd April.

March 13th: Weather update

Royal Mail has now resumed business collections today and all orders from yesterday and today will enter the mail system this evening. Inevitably there will be delays due to the backlog but we hope these will be minimal.

March 12th: Severe weather affecting deliveries

UPDATE: 12pm: We regret to inform our customers that due to the severe weather in the SE of the UK and subsequent impact on road, rail and air transport, we have just been informed by Royal Mail and Parcelforce that no regional collections or deliveries will be taking place in this area today. Consequently no mail will enter the system until tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at the earliest. We are hopeful that the situation will improve tomorrow and we will post further updates here.

9am: Once again due to heavy snow across the UK this week and forecast for the coming days we are unfortunately expecting significant delays to postal deliveries. We will continue to ensure all orders get to the local postal sorting office daily however Royal Mail's national distribution and collection is severely affected by the current heavy snow. In addition a large percentage of UK flights both national and international are likely to be cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience beyond our control but we must advise that while this situation continues severe delays will be possible to current orders, both UK and international.

March 1st: Tees

All sizes and colours of VeloSolo tees are back in stock this week including a new Khaki green option.

February 26th: Gebhardt chainrings

We now have a much larger selection of Gebhardt chainrings in stock - all sizes from 42t to 50t in black and silver and all three common BCD patterns.

February 14th: Token delivery

Back in stock this week are Token bottom brackets in all options, Token track sprockets in most sizes, valve extenders, lockrings, grips etc.

January 18th: Stock update

Back in stock this week are Onza chain tugs, Onza headsets in all colours and all options in Onza/Voodoo pedals. New Miche/Campag specific track hub lockrings are now available.

November 22nd: New Disc Cog sizes and colours + orange spacers

In stock today are some brand new Disc Cog options including cro-mo models in 20t and 21t sizes and new colours for 7075-T6 models in blue and orange. Our best selling 7 piece anodized spacer kits are also available in new orange too.

November 7th: Big Token delivery

Lots of Token products back in stock now including grips and lockrings in all colours, all pedal sets including Track in polished or black, chainsets, headset spacers and JIS bottom brackets too.

October 31st: Many items back in stock

Today we have received re-stocks of KMC 510 silver chains, Kalloy KL and Zenith Gran Compe stems in all sizes, Zenith 2 bolt stems in Ahead and quill, Zenith synthetic leather tan tape, Tange Passage headsets in all colours and Tektro R359 brakes.

October 24th: Stronglight, Oury, Campag

Back in stock are all colours of Oury grips including black, Stronglight BB's in 103mm and 107mm, Campag caps in black and new in are Campag and Tacx bottles. Pictures now up of all the new Restrap products too.

October 19th: Restrap new products and VeloSolo Campag Proto chainrings

Into stock today are the latest new products from Restrap including Hip Pouches, Lock Holsters and Bottle Holsters. For more details and to order please see the shop. Also in today are new stocks of VS Campag Proto chainrings in 39t and 42t and all colours. Details here.

October 10th: Field Cycles

Harry at Field Cycles contacted us this week to share some pics of his gorgeous new Single Fixed build using a VeloSolo Disc Cog in the drivetrain. For more info on Field frames and components please click the pic or here.

October 5th: VeloSolo chainrings update

A large delivery of VS rings in today including many 3/32" models in the new slightly narrower width (now compatible with narrower 9 speed and 10 speed chains). Full details of stock in the shop.

September 14th: New chains and pedals

More new components in this week, including KMC S1 chains and three new pedal choices from VP and Wellgo.

September 3rd: New items in stock

Lots of new lines into the shop over the last week or so including Kalloy Butterfly bars, Nitto Dirt Drop stems, Zenith stubby stems, Michelin Lithion 2 tyres and Zenith 'long' foam and rubber (like Soyo) grips.

August 27th: Shop now open again!

The VeloSolo webshop is now open again following our short summer break. Many thanks to all our customers old and new for your patience! Please note: Monday 27th August is a bank holiday in the UK with no postal service. All orders placed today will be packed and processed as normal but will not be collected for shipping by Royal Mail until Tuesday 28th August.

August 1st: Nitto, Sugino, Velox.

Some new lines brand new into stock this week include Nitto S65 seatposts, Sugino Autex crank bolts and Velox Tressostar cloth tape.

July 27th: VeloSolo headset spacers have arrived! Token stock update.

Brand new and in stock now are our 7 piece CNC headset spacer kits for 1" threaded and non-threaded headsets - please see the shop for more. Also back in stock following a Token delivery are many Token components previously sold out.

June 26th: Stock update

Back in stock today are Kalloy KL and Swan Neck stems in all sizes, Zenith Crescent polished bars, Tektro 340 brake levers and Silva black tape.

June 19th: Stocktaking end of June

IMPORTANT: due to annual stocktaking the VeloSolo website will be offline and unavailable for approximately 24 hours from 11am Friday 29th June. Please order before Friday if possible to ensure early dispatch.

May 23rd: Stock update

Back in stock today are SR Suntour chainsets and new in are Restrap Horizontal pedal straps. Expected later this week are re-stocks of Token singlespeed lockrings.

May 9th: New products, VeloSolo headset spacers

Apologies for the lack of updates lately as the shop has been really hectic but we have some new lines including Nitto B115 handlebars to replace the SR bars now sold out. Woodman stems to replace the discontinued BBB model and at last a YBN half-link to replace the KMC half-links. Coming soon are Straight Restraps and the new VeloSolo headset spacers; more details on these in the relevant shop page.

April 25th: Stock update

Back in stock today are Onza chain tugs, Onza Kool chains, Onza pedals in all colours and Voodoo pedals in all colours.

April 14th: London to Paris in 24 hours

Please be sure to check out Greg's blog for their London to Paris charity ride kicking off on Thursday 19th April:

March 19th: Token delivery

Back in stock today are Token pedals in all colours and JIS 103mm bottom brackets.

March 14th: Stock update

Back in stock this week are Miche brakes and chains. Unfortunately due to changes with MKS distribution in Japan more MKS products have been discontinued for the foreseeable future but we have secured some MKS Road pedals with black cages as well as the regular polished.

February 15th: VeloSolo silver anodized chainrings

We have just had a delivery of our first batch of silver anodized road/track chainrings - now in stock in 130mm and 144mm BCD and 44t, 46t, 47t and 48t.

January 31st: Royce, Sugino and VeloSolo chainring news, stock update.

Now in stock are a limited number of warehouse find NOS Royce and Sugino track chainrings, also back in stock are VeloSolo chainrings in black anodized all sizes including the large logo type. Andel SS cogs are all available again as are Kalin stems and Tange Passage satin headsets. New in are Zenith 'Gran Compe' stems in a 60mm length.

January 20th: VeloSolo polished chainrings

Unfortunately we regret we will be discontinuing our chainrings in the polished option. Over the years it has grown increasingly difficult to obtain a consistent and high quality polishing service at an economically viable cost. The latest batch in production has been rejected following polishing and therfore the existing stock will be the last we have available.

To replace the polished chainrings and to run alongside black and gold anodized we will be introducing a bright silver anodized option in the coming weeks.

January 19th: Token delivery, Exus grease, Royce rings

A large delivery from Token has just arrived; back in stock are polished pedals, track lockrings, singlespeed lockrings and chainrings. Also new in this week is Exus Pro blue grease. Expected very soon is a shipment of NOS 1980's Royce chainrings.

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